A guide to selling your home


We have been developing our systems of assisting home sellers over the last eight years. We have excellent market knowledge and a wide range of services. Our dedicated agents increase the efficiency of your home sale by guiding you before, during and after the transaction.


There is no need to spend a great deal of money remodelling your home before selling. However, a few key improvements to ensure your home shows well in relation to your competitors may result in a quicker home sale, and a potentially higher price. Prospective buyers warm to homes they can visualise themselves living in.


The exterior of your home makes the first impression and should always be well-kept so interested buyers passing by will call your agent for a showing. Below, you will find a few tips to help you sell your home.


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Street appeal


▪Keep your front entrance well maintained, repaint the door, replace old house numbers, and check to make sure the doorbell works.


▪Repaint or replace stair railings, the mailbox, and other exterior features. Repair cracked or crumbling foundation, steps, walkways, walls, and patios.


▪Landscape the yard as needed, make sure garden beds are well defined and freshly mulched, the lawn cut and sufficiently watered, hedges trimmed, and trees pruned.


▪Pick up and properly store garden tools, toys, newspapers, and other potential clutter.


▪Sweep front walkway and clean up after your pets. Inspect exterior surfaces for peeling paint and/or loose attachments to the house and keep the windows free of spider webs and vines.


▪Keep shutters in good condition, freshly painted and hung straight. Clean, align, and secure the gutters and inspect and clean the chimney.


▪Repair or replace loose or damaged roof shingles as well as loose siding and caulking.


▪Prior to Agent previews, buyer showings, and open houses, pay close attention to interior details as well.


Walk into something wonderful


▪Thoroughly clean each room of your home, washing the windows inside and out, cleaning the carpets, and washing the walls.


▪ If the walls and carpet are especially dingy or brightly coloured, repaint or re-carpet with a neutral shade, such as off-white or beige.


▪Pick up clutter, toys, shoes, and clothing - make your house appear roomier and more welcoming.


▪Repair cracks, holes or damage to plaster, gyprock, wallpaper, paint, and tiles. Replace broken or cracked windowpanes, mouldings, and other woodwork.


▪Inspect and repair the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and alarm systems.


▪Spruce up the kitchen and bathrooms, repairing dripping taps and showerheads, and re-grouting showers or tubs if necessary.


▪Decorate the areas with new cabinet knobs, curtains, and towels. Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher and empty bins.


▪ Repair any roof leaks or water damage to walls and any area that may show evidence of dry rot.


▪Make sure every electrical outlet and light switch is in working order, replacing all light bulbs with the maximum wattage bulb permissible.


▪Also, open drapes and shades. Light sells!


▪Dust all fixtures and vacuum carpets and clean floors. Also, straighten rugs and throw pillows, and make all beds.


▪Open windows slightly to freshen rooms, keeping pets out of the way and making sure the house is free of pet and other potential odours.


▪Set an ambiance in your home by turning off the TV and playing soft background music, and preparing tables with flowers, place settings or coffee table books.


▪When showing your home, secure jewellery, cash, prescription medications, and other valuables. Also, it’s best to leave while your house is being shown.



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