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DSRE staff are experienced in all aspects of Strata Management.Our portfolio of properties covers the entire Sydney metropolitan area and properties currently under management include residential units, townhouses and villas, commercial units including small shopping centres, industrial units, office blocks and professional suites.

Continuity of managers has been a significant factor in our management style, which has allowed the manager and the owners in each complex to become well acquainted, and to establish a sound working relationship with each Executive Committee. This structure derives its strength from a team of highly trained, efficient support staff who provide everything our managers require to service each of their schemes.

Our aim is to provide a professional,efficient and reliable service to each of the schemes within our portfolio bearing in mind that each scheme is unique in some way. To assist our managers, internal systems and procedures are continually reviewed to ensure an accurate and timely flow of information. Reporting is always available, and accuracy and attention to detail by all staff is not only encouraged, it is the minimum requirement.

Looking to the future, we are conscious of the need to find areas where our service can be further improved. Feedback is essential to any organisation striving for high standards. The staff at DSRE welcomes constructive comments about any aspect of our management.

For over 10 years we have been providing our clients with professional, expert advice on the establishment and maintenance of strata and community title owners corporations. Our approachable team are ready and able to assist with administration, insurance, compliance, maintenance, by-laws, issue resolution and development consultancy services.

Our business reputation and brand has successfully been built on strong client relationships and our customised management services are based on a deep understanding of our clients' requirements. We are highly regarded for our exceptional and proactive approach to strata & community title management services which in turn adds value to our client schemes.

Property is a valuable asset that requires care in order to maintain its value. Owners of Strata Title property rely on their Body Corporate to maintain the common areas of their property. Without the right professional advice it can rapidly deteriorate and decrease in value.

Our unique methodology at DSRE is incorporated in the way that we involve owners and guide them in the decision making process. DSRE uses its network of contacts and buying power to deliver the most efficient and cost effective services to members, without adding commission or over-riders.

Being a pro-active management company, DSRE ensures all aspects of managing your property are attended to, as and when required.

At DSRE we believe that good strata andcommunity management is achieved by our remaining impartial in the performanceof our role, communicating clearly and concisely and always remembering that we are dealing with people and their home or investment.

We are able to provide an all encompassing service right from the set-up all the way through to preparing the by-laws and ultimate management of the complex. Alternatively we can also provide one-off advice for specific problems.

Either way if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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